16″ Mid-Length AR-15 KeyMod Build Report

In early 2013, I got the impulse to add an updated 16″ carbine to my collection, so I ordered a Larue Tactical 16″ Stealth complete upper because I wasn’t in the mood to piece one together from parts. But with the high … Read More

Bore Sighting: Don’t Bother With Laser Bore Sighting Tools

I frequently come across someone posting on a firearms web forum who is having difficulty sighting in a rifle. Invariably, someone will respond with, “Get a laser bore sighting tool,” and every time I cringe. Why? Laser bore sighting tools are pretty … Read More

Mini-Review: Raven Concealment Systems TopStop AR Upper Receiver Cover

The TopStop AR Upper Receiver Cover by Raven Concealment Systems is a product accessory that has been around for several months now. It is a simple, yet novel idea that will be very useful for many of today’s firearms owners … Read More

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