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Show and Tell: DIY Reloading Press Portable Mount

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Several years back, Sinclair International featured a new product in their catalog: a wooden reloading press mount / stand. It was a simple, yet effective looking product that would allow you to mount a reloading press on it, but move the stand wherever you wanted, whether it be on different tables in your garage or workshop, or even take it with you to the range.

I think at the time it was priced at $100, and I showed the catalog to my father and he ended up copying the idea and making one himself.


I have been running my RCBS Rockchucker single stage press like this for nearly 10 years and the stand works great. It holds up to the stress of full length sizing without issue.

You can pretty much move the stand wherever you want, but ideally, you will clamp it to a tabletop with a C-clamp just to keep the press and stand combo from moving around while operating the press.

My father ended up making another one for my Redding T-7 turret press, as well.

ocab-20161127-160244-600I would post schematics or templates for people to use, but when I asked my dad about them, he just said he winged it. He just measured the press, did some calculations, and cut the wood. So sadly, I don’t have any templates that you can work off of so you can make your own press stand.


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6 Responses

  1. A Brown

    Sir, thank you for the article and photos as both have been helpful with my intentions to mount a T7. I would be grateful to learn why you/Father decided to mount the presses at an angle vs. standard vertical alignment as I suspect you have a very good reason. I imagine the reason may be due to clearance for the pull-handle and/or increased stability on the downward stroke.

    How about the upward stroke, as if priming on-press? Does the mount remain stable, assuming you prime on-press?

    Thank you for your time and info – very appreciative.


  2. ocabj

    When looking at the photos of the Sinclair International version, we though the angle helps with the downstroke, plus it makes sense when the press might be mounted below chest level. I don’t prime on-press, but even when necking down brass, the press is stable if you c-clamp it to your tabletop.

  3. Paolo Lattuada

    Hi there,

    I like this design and I am planning to take the idea and build a base for my RCBS rock chucker. Would you be able to tell me the angle the press would be mounted at?

    Thanks and kind regards,

  4. ocabj

    The angle is all up to you, but 15 degress give or take depending on preference is about right. As a matter of fact, you can even go dead level 0 degrees if you want. But the reason for the angle is to just me more comfortable leverage on the handle when pulling down. It also helps give better approach to the opening of the press ram and shellholder when standing in front of it.

  5. Randall J Backus

    Nice. What are the dimensions of the base?

  6. Robert

    Very nice looking! Thanks for the Idea/Input.

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