2009 Fantasy Football

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It’s that time of year. Football season begins and allegiances are tested as millions root for players that they have on their fantasy football teams, even if those players happen to be playing against their favorite team in real life. … Read More

Turning 30

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Aside from myself, my car turned ’30’ this year. This morning on my way to breakfast, the Prelude turned over 30,000 miles. Bought this car about this time of the year, back in 2001. Roughly 30K in eight years.

UCCSC 2009 @ UC Davis

Got back last night from the University of California Computing Services Conference held at UC Davis. This year’s UCCSC was a decent conference, as it always is. The workshops and hands-on-labs were structured well, and had a good variety of … Read More

June 6, 1944

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65 years ago today, the United States and Allied forces invaded Normandy. Remember those who answered the call that day.

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