Why is the weather always bad on weekends?

It seems like when the weather gets bad in Southern California, it’s always on a weekend. I’m outdoors a lot on weekends (shooting), so I do get affected by poor weather. I haven’t shot in a sanctioned match since July, … Read More

Marksmanship is dying: Part 1

There’s one thing that has become very apparent regarding the shooting sports: marksmanship is dying. A few may go as far as to argue that marksmanship is dead. I was browsing Fark a few weeks ago and found a link … Read More

Once a year shooters

I was at my club’s shooting range last Sunday as usual, and the “once a year shooters” were out in full force. These “once a year shooters” that I am referring to are hunters. While there are many hunters who … Read More

8 points earned, 22 more to go

I finally received written confirmation from the Civilian Marksmanship Program that I have been awarded 8 EIC points towards my Distinguished Rifleman badge for my performance in the US Navy Pacific Fleet EIC match back in May at Camp Pendleton. … Read More

Exploding watermelon

Here’s a short video clip I recorded sometime last year at the Inland Fish and Game shooting range. A fellow member shot a watermelon set out at the 100 yard line using a Savage Model 12 Long Range Precision Varminter … Read More

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