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Heroes Season 2 Predictions

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If you watch Heroes but haven’t seen the first two episodes of Season 2, you should stop reading now because I’m going to make some bold predictions based on the content of the first two episodes.

1. Claire and West are half-siblings. West is another bastard child of Nathan Petrelli. It’s not that much of a stretch, is it? West ends up having the ability to fly. It’s possible that he got it from his father, Nathan. Considering he already has a known child with a woman not his wife, it’s possible he may have more. What’s sick about this prediction is that Claire and West supposedly kiss in an episode in the near future. The Luke and Leia kiss in Empire was bad enough. This could get pretty sick if the half-sibling prediction is true.

2. Takezo Kensei killed Hiro’s father. I think the gaijin is the mysterious killer that killed Kaito Nakamura and is targetting the other ‘members’ (i.e. Angela Petrelli). It’s possible that he’s an immortal (ala Eternal Warrior from the Valiant Comics), as well as having the regeneration powers like Claire. Although, if he is the killer, I can’t explain the freak out Angela Petrelli has while alone in the interogation room in episode two.

3. Takezo Kensei is the father of all ‘Heroes’. I think Kensei is going to play a more epic role in the Heroes universe. What better way than to be the father of all the current people that exhibit extraordinary powers? Maybe his DNA mutations/evolutions traverse down the human chain to later generations.

4. The Honduran girl has ‘the’ virus. It seems like there’s a huge focus by Mohinder to locate viruses that are killing people with special abilities. The Honduran girl probably carries the be all end all virus, and it appears her brother is the only one with the power to suppress it.

Those are a few predictions I have regarding this season. I’m probably dead wrong on all of them, but it’s fun the theorize.

I will admit that I can’t stand the West character. What’s irritating is how Claire ends up bumping into the one kid in school who just happens to have the ability to fly. Coincidence? Even in the Heroes universe, that’s just too much. I hope Mr. Bennett finds out about him and sends the Haitian to take care of West.

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