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Impatient FedEx Customer

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I don’t think I have posted a rant in quite some time, and to be honest, this is quite trivial. But the fact that I ended up skipping eating lunch today because of it is what irritates me.

Today I had to return the Panasonic LUMIX G Leica DG Nocticron 42.5mm f/1.2 ASPH that I rented from Lensrentals.com (great business, by the way) and used this past weekend. The pre-paid return label is for FedEx so I figured I would leave the office a little early for lunch and stop by the only FedEx Office store near my office, drop off the box, get a receipt, and meet my colleagues for lunch.

I ended up entering the store behind a gentleman and his child. We stand in the store, while three other customers stand near the counter. It’s taking a while for the one counter employee to take care of the initial customer and then the other two customers waiting at the counter. All this time, another guy walks in and stands near the front door, and slowly a line builds behind that guy. The man with the child that I was behind walked up to get helped and after he’s done, the counter employee calls next and the guy that walked in after me who started his own line proceeds to walk up immediately to the counter and gets acknowledged by the counter employee.

This time I’m thinking, “Ok. Is that how it works in Moreno Valley now?”

There are already five other folks behind the line cutter, so rather than start an argument with the cutter, I walk out the door. I take about 2-3 minutes to look up the next available drop off point for FedEx packages that will actually scan and provide a receipt for me and I end up driving to the Postal Annex all the way by my house.

I spend about three minutes in there, hand my package over, get my scan and receipt, and since I’m on the opposite side of where my colleagues ended up going to lunch (pretty much next to that FedEx Office location I was at), I just go back to the office on an empty stomach. Frankly, I could have taken a longer lunch considering I had no meetings, but at this point I’m just annoyed by people in general.

Should I have just stayed in the FedEx Office location and ‘handled’ the situation? Maybe. But I don’t know the other line cutter’s story. Maybe he was mentally handicapped. Perhaps he has some sort of sympathetic situation. Maybe he was a retired LEO or MIL pulling rank. Maybe he has criminal ties or history and is willing to escalate.

In all angles I look at it, it is pretty much a no-win scenario for me, and I basically lost the second I walked into the door.

As far as the guy running the FedEx Office counter, I don’t really fault him except for the fact he should have acknowledge the man with the child, and myself when we were standing there waiting.

Anyway, lesson learned. Stick to Postal Annex for FedEx prepaid drops where you need a scan and receipt. Maintain a thick skin. It is Riverside / Moreno Valley after all.

I know the feature image doesn’t really make any sense, but I didn’t have any stock photo relevant to this rant, so I figure a time keeping device and ‘impatience’ is about as close as it gets. Perhaps a stock photo conveying rudeness would be more appropriate, but I don’t have anything with that tone, either.

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