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Kahles Parallax Spinner (K525i) Review

I have yet to blog about it and only briefly mentioned it in a prior Range VLOG episode, but I acquired a MK Machining Parallax Adjustment Wheel for my Kahles K525i SKMR3 (LSW) riflescope in late 2019.

For those who are familiar with the Kahles K624i and K525i, the parallax adjustment wheel is at the top of the tube sharing space with the elevation turret. Unfortunately, the parallax knob has lots of tension and lacks knurling, and thus can be difficult to turn especially with slick hands (e.g. rain, sweat, etc).

Parallax knob/ring on the Kahles K525i

MK Machining has a Parallax Adjustment Wheel as they dub it, which goes on top of the actual parallax knob/wheel of the K525i to give more grip. It is a serviceable solution albeit a bit rough. It is polymer and almost looks 3D printed.

MK Machining Parallax Adjustment Wheel on K525i

It provides additional grip to adjust parallax, but the drawback is that it pretty much blocks the distance reference marks on the parallax knob/wheel. I ended up making some quasi marks using a silver Sharpie for reference.

MK Machining Parallax Adjustment Wheel on K525i with Sharpie reference marks

Note that I also had to grind down the ‘levers’ on the MK Machining wheel because they were hitting the rear scope ring. I could have moved the scope more forward, but opted not to and just ground them down.

MK Machining Parallax Adjustment Wheel on K525i ground for clearance

Sometime after, I swapped scope bases and remounted the scope a few millimeters more towards the muzzle that previous.

Back at SHOT Show 2020 earlier this year, I noted how Kahles had their own Parallax Spinner accessories on display for later release in the year.

Kahles Booth at 2020 SHOT Show

The Kahles Parallax Spinner provided the additional leverage needed on the parallax knob. But the huge feature is that it has distance reference marks etched onto the Parallax Spinner and it also still allows you to see the existing reference marks on the scope’s parallax knob when in position on the rifle.

I was obviously eager to get one of these and I finally acquired one in April 2020 shortly after they were making it to Kahles dealers/retailers.

The Kahles Parallax Spinner wheel is a lightweight wheel made out of aluminum with some sort of matte black coating. There are three arms or levers protruding from the wheel giving ample leverage.

The distance reference marks are clear and legible, just like on the scope.

Kahles Parallax Spinner for K525i

When in position, I can see the distance reference marks.

Even though I moved my scope a little farther forward which gave more clearance between the turret body and the rear scope ring of my rifle, the levers on the Kahles Parallax Spinner were longer than on the MK Machining wheel, so I still had to grind down the Kahles Parallax Spinner levers. But I did not have to grind off that much.

The Parallax Spinner uses a single metal set screw (with a nylon tip). I am weary that this might actually come loose under recoil and you can’t really tighten it down too much for risk of rounding the set screw (uses a 1.5mm hex driver). I may use some Loctite 222 on that screw if it comes loose. The purple Loctite 222 is used for very small fasteners and is not a high strength threadlocker.

The MSRP of the Kahles Parallax Spinner for the K525i is $58.95 which is kind of expensive for what you’re getting in terms of a simple aluminum ring with three levers on it. But given that the Kahles Parallax Spinner for the K525i is an actual Kahles accessory made out of machined aluminum and is quite functional (great leverage, has the distance reference marks), you are getting what you pay for.

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