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Looking for a new range

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This morning I went to the now defunct Inland Fish and Game shooting facility to have breakfast with the Sunday shooters and got more information on the status of the range.

It looks like the range is closed and has less than 90 days to meet a few new requirements in order for a new body to reopen the facility. The main requirement is a ‘no blue sky’ stipulation. What does this mean? There must be no visible sky from a shooting position/bench at the range facility. The way they will have to make adjustments to the overhead cover, this pretty much eliminates the ability for shooting standing rifle at the range.

So while the facility has a good chance of reopening, shooting at the former-IFG facility will not be like it was.

Which means I now I have to find a new range in which to practice High Power.

The only immediate option is the West End Gun Club, but it’s basically $360 for the first year and $180 for each subsequent year. Not to mention that the facility isn’t exactly ideal for practicing at 200 yards in the way the facilities and member usage are setup.

I got a lead on a place near Hemet which is open government land legal to shoot on when it’s not in fire season, so that’s my other option for live fire.

I’m also considering shelling out $2000 on a good air rifle and just practicing at home and just going to somewhere like Lytle Creek whenever I need to test a load or zero a rifle.

As it is now, it looks like my annual round shot (shots fired) will be taking a huge hit. I doubt this will affect my match readiness as long as I dry fire more often when at home.

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