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Open letter to the guy at IFG last Sunday

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To the guy at the Inland Fish and Game shooting facility last Sunday, 01/20/2008, with an AR-15 sitting in one of the rifle racks directly on the ready line, before live fire began that morning.

The bolt was closed and there was a magazine inserted. I assumed that it was a fixed magazine OLL, but I went ahead and asked if the rifle was loaded. You looked at me with a puzzled expression, so I recommended that you should open the bolt if you were going to have a magazine inserted. You replied that it was a fixed magazine. Yes, I understand that it’s a fixed magazine, but I expressed the importance of keeping the bolt locked open during a cease fire to demonstrate the chamber is clear.

You ignored me after that. I let it be. The range officer addressed you several minutes later anyway, after you were handling a rifle on the firing line while people were still downrange placing targets during the cease fire.

1. Buy an ECI and use it.

2. Take an NRA basic rifle course so you can learn some firearms safety.

Try not to injure, maim, or kill anyone in your future trips to the shooting range.

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