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Kestrel KST1000 Shot Timer Review


During the 2022 SHOT Show as I walked the convention center exhibition floor, I came across the Kestrel booth where my attention was caught by a bright yellow shot timer unit dubbed the KST1000. I was very excited by... Read More

The State of the 10/22 in 2022


At the tail end of last year (2022), I wrote an article in which I discussed how I updated my 10/22 for NRL22 competitions. I have made a few more modifications after I was prompted to actually use my... Read More

Masterpiece Arms Matrix Professional Chassis Review


Chassis systems have become the predominant characteristic of precision rifle platforms in the past several years and we are continuously seeing new versions and revisions being released. At the start of the 2022 calendar year, Masterpiece Arms (MPA) announced... Read More

iPhone related hilarity

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Some lady in Dallas (TX) thought came up with what she thought was an ingenious plan. She went to the AT&T store in Dallas with $100k in cash with the intention of buying around $100k in iPhones to sell on … Read More

Shooter moderately entertaining

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I finally got around to watching Shooter on DVD via a Blockbuster rental. I wanted to watch the movie when I saw the trailer, but not with enough desire to actually venture to the theater. Anyway, I heard mixed comments … Read More

ocabj.net now using WordPress

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I decided to simplify my website and switched over to WordPress. I was previously using phpBB to manage content and to allow friends to post in a forum, with custom pages to pull stored content from the phpBB database. I … Read More

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