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Leofoto SA-324C + MA-40 Tripod Review


I saw a post on a web forum regarding a relatively low priced tripod and head package by Leofoto dubbed the SA-324C tripod with MA-40 ball head. After looking into it, I decided to order one to try out.... Read More

Tikka T1x MTR .22LR Rifle Review


The Tikka T1x MTR .22LR rimfire rifle was announced and released by Tikka back in 2018 and has become a well-regarded rifle in the shooting community. The T1x has been in relatively short supply since it’s release as they... Read More

The MUB MOD DOS Review


Several months ago I acquired a platform mounting system known as the MOD DOS, which is made and sold by The MUB LLC. So what is the MOD DOS and why would you buy one? The MOD DOS could... Read More

Shooter moderately entertaining

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I finally got around to watching Shooter on DVD via a Blockbuster rental. I wanted to watch the movie when I saw the trailer, but not with enough desire to actually venture to the theater. Anyway, I heard mixed comments … Read More

ocabj.net now using WordPress

posted in: General 0

I decided to simplify my website and switched over to WordPress. I was previously using phpBB to manage content and to allow friends to post in a forum, with custom pages to pull stored content from the phpBB database. I … Read More

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