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Precision Rifle Project Series: Vudoo Gun Works V-22 Update 1

After the initial write-up on my Vudoo Gun Works V-22 .22LR Rimfire rifle build, I have been making the effort to put the gun through its paces.

100 yards with a new rimfire rifle is the next logical progression of testing and I shot Lapua Center-X, SK Rifle Match, and SK Long Range Match during a single session at 100 yards. Note that the actual target distance was 106 yards (verified with SIG KILO2000 laser rangefinder).

I also started using a smartphone app called Ballistic-X which is available on iOS and Android OS. It seems simple enough to use and is no less accurate as me using calipers to measure edge to edge groups.

The groups shot at 100 yards with Lapua Center-X look respectable. I was hoping to shoot a bit tighter at 100 yards effective, but I had to keep reminding myself that I am shooting .22LR rimfire on what was relatively gusty morning (2-6 mph wind variances).

SK Rifle Match (SKRM) and SK Long Range Match (SKLR) both appear to also hold their own in the Vudoo V-22 at 100 yards.

The initial tests at 50 yards made SK Rifle Match appear less than ideal in my Vudoo Gun Works V-22 build, but the 100 yard groups redeem SK Rifle Match.

As you can see in the above photos, SK Long Range Match also shows great promise at 100 yards with solid 5-shot groups and a 10-shot sub-MOA group.

I have not had a chance to shoot 200 yard groups due to weather conditions when I was able to make it out to the range.

But I did run the Vudoo V-22 on steel targets between 50 an 200 yards to confirm practical accuracy and the confirm Kestrel / Applied Ballistics data to real life use and the Vudoo V-22 is performing quite well.

I also got around to putting on the Kahles sunshade, although I have not decided on scope caps. I actually acquired a longer Scopecoat since I like full scope covers right now.

You may notice the Lapua Center-X and SK Long Range Match boxes in the above photo. I do have some chronograph data for both of those ammunition types with a large sampling.

  • Lapua Center-X (56 rounds): 1106 fps avg muzzle velocity, 11.5 SD, 55 ES
  • SK Long Range Match (40 rounds): 1109 fps avg muzzle velocity, 13.3 SD, 73 ES

It seems like the Vudoo V-22 does speed up as the barrel gets dirtier and warmer. I am estimating about a 10 fps increase as the barrel begins to get more fouling and lube. Earlier in the morning from a clean barrel, Center-X was averaging 1095 fps.

But so far the gun has been running great. No issues so far. I currently have 714 rounds on the gun and am trying to plan a trip out to the Desert Marksmen range facility to do some 300 yards and beyond shooting with the Vudoo Gun Works V-22.

I am really like the rig as I have configured it. Though I am still feeling out the Kahles K525i and will publish a separate article with my thoughts and opinions of this scope.

Vudoo Gun Works V-22 Rifle Build Price Breakdown

ActionVudoo Gun Works V-22$1770
BarrelBartlein 20" MTU Contour 1-16" twist, threaded muzzle.Priced with action.
TriggerTriggerTech Diamond Pro Curved$290
ChassisMasterpiece Arms BA Competition Chassis$999
Scope BaseVudoo Gun Works 30MOA baseIncluded with action.
Scope RingsAmerican Rifle Company M10 34mm, 28mm height.$180
ScopeKAHLES K525i 5-25x56mm LSW SKMR3$3299
Cerakote of Barreled ActionFlat Dark EarthIncluded with barreled action.

Stay tuned for another update later on in the future with my thoughts and opinions of the Vudoo Gun Works V-22 platform after a longer period of time.

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