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Range Vlog #1 – 2016-02-13

So, yeah… I started a vlog and published the first episode today. The theme for the vlog is essentially my trips to the shooting range.

It’s total amateur hour, but I’m going to see if I can:

  1. Keep doing it.
  2. Keep it informative and/or interesting.
  3. Improve the technical and content quality from episode to episode.

Considering I go to the range about once or twice a month, vlogging this aspect of my life isn’t going to be too daunting, and should be a manageable task to undertake. Since I usually end up taking my camera gear to the range to photograph and/or record video of products I want to review, it’s not adding extra gear to my range kit.

Anyway, Episode 1 debuted today on my YouTube channel. We’ll see how the next range trip vlogging goes.

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5 Responses

  1. Hassan

    Keep it up Ocab. I hope to do the same when I have more time later this year. Classes are keeping me pretty tied up right now. I thought you prefer to practice with your plates on though?

  2. ocabj

    Plates on all the time? No, not really. It’s 50/50 with or without if I’m just doing ‘dynamic’ rifle drills.

  3. Hassan

    Yeah, I don’t wear plates at any public ranges, just private ranges/property. Have you considered any carbine/handgun courses?

  4. ocabj

    I took a couple course with a local outfit. I didn’t really learn all that much than I already ‘knew’, but it was a nice exercise in shooting. I kind of wanted to shell out the cash to take a Haley Strategic carbine course, but his California course (I believe) is in central CA (I’m in Southern CA), and I don’t want to have to spend money on a hotel room for 3-days on top of his 3-day course fee.

  5. Hassan

    I took a course with Deliberate Dynamics in Utah. They have a cabin there which is shared amongst all the students who attend the course. It’s far less expensive than having to book your own hotel, and the instruction top notch. They have a high instructor to student ratio. In a class of ten students, they had 5-6 instructors. their pricing was very competitive too.

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