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Range Vlog #258 – 2024-03-01 – 03-03

  • Date: 01-03 March 2024
  • Range: Mason Valley Ranch (Julian, CA)

The Mason Valley Steel Hunter (NRL Hunter Series) Match is the closest match from where I live at only about a 2-hour drive. Thus, it makes sense to attend this match.

This is my second NRL Hunter match, ever, and while I am still an NRL Hunter rookie in the grand scheme of things, I have at least one match under my belt before coming to this match and am building off experience.

The weather for this match ended up being very tough on Day 1 with high winds in excess of 25mph at times in combination with rain. Day 2 had significantly less wind (however gusting to 15mph at times) and with more continuous rain.

Day 1 (03/02) consisted of 12 stages (Stages 1 through 12) and Day 2 (03/03) consisted of 8 stages (Stages 13 through 20) for a total of 20 stages.

Spoiler: I did not shoot as well as I was hoping yet finished mid-pack. I feel like I have better understanding of finding targets and am more optimized compared to my first match. However, I still could not find about 5 targets out of the entire match’s 20 stages.

This entire vlog was shot using a GoPro 12 Hero Black (except for a single clip on the zeroing firing line) and given that I shot it all myself as a one-man show, there will be some less than stellar framing and cuts between segments.

I did not include every stage which would be a very long Range VLOG episode. I chose ones that had decent coverage and/or highlighted something particularly positive (affirming good technique) or negative (learning moment). Furthermore, my GoPro was blown over on some stages due to the high winds preventing my coverage of some stages.

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