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Range Vlog #264 – 2024-04-29

  • Date: 29 April 2024
  • Range: West End Gun Club (Meyers Canyon, CA)

I have a busy week with work and Monday is my only day this week to get to the range, so I took the opportunity to head out to the range to do the run-through of the May 2024 NRL22 Course of Fire.

The May 2024 COF is the first COF of the new 2025 NRL22 season, which also marks the new leadership of the NRL22 organization, which is now called the National Rimfire League.

The May 2024 COF is not too difficult and I feel is a good match for beginners to try out.

Be sure to download the NRL22 May 2024 Course of Fire from the NRL22 website to follow along: https://nrl22.com/downloads/

The next NRL22 match at WEGC is scheduled for Sunday 05/26, Memorial Day weekend.

https://socalnrl22.org – Site with information and FAQ about the NRL22 matches held at the West End Gun Club range facility.

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