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Really Right Stuff L-Plate for gripped Canon 5D Mark III

I finally received my Really Right Stuff L-plate (Item Code: BGE11-L) for the BG-E11 gripped Canon 5D Mark III.

The fit is excellent, just like the RRS  L-plate for the (BG-E6) gripped Canon 5D Mark II. RRS had issues with their L-plates and basic camera plates for the ungripped 5D Mark III which resulted in a recall and revised version of those plates.

Thankfully, the L-plate for the BG-E11 was designed correctly and it has a glove-like fit. If anyone was waiting for early reports on the RRS L-plate for the BG-E11, rest assured that it fits properly.

The RRS L-plate has relief cuts to allow the rubber door covers to fit between the L-plate and the camera body. The RRS L-plate is designed to allow the battery magazine to be removed/inserted from the grip while the L-plate is attached.

I’m glad RRS included the gap between the vertical side of L-plate and the port side of the body with the BGE11-L. I still have my RRS L-plate for the BG-E6 gripped Canon 5D Mark II and that plate does not have the gap.

Don’t hesitate to pick up the Really Right Stuff BGE11-L if you need an L-plate for your gripped 5D Mark III.

Really Right Stuff products are sold direct to customers via their website at reallyrightstuff.com.

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2 Responses

  1. Ali

    Hi There, thank you for brief review of the RRS BGE11 L Plate, I have looking at picking up one myself, just wanted to check on one thing, can you use the BGE11 L Plate on the 5DMk3 with out the battery grip?

  2. ocabj

    No, the plates for the 5D Mark III with and without the grip are unique. So if you get the RRS L-plate for the 5DIII *with* the grip, you cannot use it on the 5DIII without the grip.

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