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Riverside man negligently shoots self at shooting range

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Last Friday morning, a Riverside resident negligently shot himself in the head at the Riverside Magnum Range, an indoor shooting range in the City of Riverside. Video footage from security cameras showed that the man was ‘fumbling’ around with the pistol as if unfamiliar with the operation of the firearm, when it discharged and the round struck him in the head and killing him.

This is exactly why you must be aware of all shooters in your vicinity when at the shooting range. There are a lot of people who are ignorant of both firearms safety and range safety. You need to keep an eye out for other range patrons near you who commit firearms/range safety violations that put you or others in danger.

While unfortunate that this man died, it is very fortunate he did not shoot and injure or kill someone else as a result of his lack of safe gun handling knowledge (and common sense).

Please note while the news media refers to this as an ‘accidental’ shooting, I use the term ‘negligent’. When it comes to firearms safety, there are no accidents. If you improperly discharge a firearm, you are negligent. The result of a negligent discharge of a firearm, whether it causes injury or death, or the destruction of property, may or may not result in immediate fault in the shooter, depending on the entire situation as a whole. But the discharge of a firearm is rarely ever a true accident.

It is your responsibility as a gun owner (or prospective gun owner) to obtain proper instruction and training on firearms safety and the use of a particular firearm that you purchase so as to not unintentionally injure/kill someone else (or yourself).

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