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Show and Tell: Another Zero Compromise Optic ZC527 Scope

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After acquiring a Zero Compromise Optic ZC527 MPCT3 scope earlier this year, I took the opportunity to get another ZC527, but with the MPCT3X reticle.

I want to build another Vudoo eventually, so I figured I should get another scope in the mean time and decided to pick up a ZC527 with the relatively new MPCT3X reticle to put on my current Vudoo. Then I can put my existing ZC527 MPCT3 on a one-piece mount to swap around on rifles until I build another Vudoo (or other rifle).

I ordered the ZC527 MPCT3X from MK Machining which is where I acquired my first ZCO. MK Machining is the US dealer for Audere Adversus mounts and had a good deal on the Audere mounts during the post-Thanksgiving Day sales, so I went ahead and included an Audere one-piece mount in the order.

The Audere Adversus mount is similar to the Spuhr ISMS in that it uses 6-screw scope caps and a 4-screw rail clamp.

The Audere Adversus scope mount is Type 3 hard anodized 7075-T651 aluminum and has mount points that allow for accessories to be mounted directly to the mount (e.g., Picatinny rails for other accessories).

From what I can tell, there is a high degree of quality with the Audere Adversus scope mount and it comes in at a lower cost point than a Spuhr ISMS (approximately $340 vs $410, respectively, at the time of this writing).

I remained with the Spuhr SP-6002 on my current Vudoo with the newly acquired ZC527 MPCT3X since I use a 60MOA scope base and the SP-6002 is 0MOA, while the Audere Adversus mount I acquired has 20MOA cant. Since I plan on using the Audere mount with the ZC527 to use on other rifles, having 20MOA on the mount to combine with the 20MOA bases I have on my centerfire rifles will maximize the 35 MIL elevation travel of the ZC527.

So with a quick swap of the scopes, I mounted the ZC527 MPCT3X in the Spuhr 6002 on my current Vudoo and mounted the previous ZC527 MPCT3 in the Audere Adversus mount to currently sit on my CZ 455. My CZ 455 is scope-less since I sold my Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen 2 5-25 MRAD as well as one of my Vortex Optics Razor HD AMG 6-24 MRAD scopes.

Zero Compromise Optic ZC527 MPCT3X on Vudoo Gun Works V-22

You may notice that the new ZC527 MPCT3X is lacking a sunshade and scope caps. In my excitement of ordering another ZCO scope, I forgot that Zero Compromise Optic does not include a sunshade (but they do include generic caps). I have a ZCO sunshade on the way, along with another set of MK Machining scope caps. I already have another Scope Chaps cover (which is sized for the ZC527 with a sunshade).

As far as the new ZC527 MPCT3X, there isn’t really much to say about it since I already gave my first impressions of the ZC527 earlier this year. Other than the MPCT3X reticle, this is the same scope as I already have.

I will note that ZCO started including a ZCO patch in the box (although I wish they’d include the sunshade instead).

Anyway, I just wanted to do a Show and Tell of the new optic acquisition. I still need to zero both scopes, but that won’t take very long once I can get to the range.

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