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Transformers live action movie exceeds expectations

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After a noon Independence Day party with friends and colleagues from work, some of us went to watch the new Transformers live action movie.

When I first saw teasers/trailers for the film I was very skeptical. First off, the amount of CG necessary to implement Transformers in a live action film could result in a very unnatural looking film. Second, I am annoyed with all of the 80’s remakes and film adaptations of 80’s televisions series.

But I came out of the theater very satisfied with the movie. It had some corny moments, but I felt that they did a good job adapting the original Transformers story to a full feature film. One of my friends noted that this movie is reminiscent of 1996’s Independence Day. Both were good action films against alien entities who threatened the existence of humankind.

Plus, the pitting of US forces against an alien aggressor lent to a good “July 4th” theme. There was a great scene in the film where a small squad of retreating US forces called for immediate close air support. A-10 ‘Warthog’s and a Spectre gunship rolled in showing off true American military might.

I definitely recommend Transformers for any action film fans. 80s kids should not be afraid to see this movie out of fear of being disappointed by another poor Hollywood adaptation of another 80s classic.

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