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Vudoo Gun Works V-22 / NRL22 Rifle 2021 Update

Back in 2019 I put together a Vudoo Gun Works V-22 .22LR rimfire rifle which I use in NRL22 competitions. The configuration of that rifle remained the same since it was originally built until recently when I swapped for a new scope and a new bipod.

Since the NRL22 2020-2021 season is over and the 2021-2022 season will start next month as I write this, I thought it would be a good time to go over my Vudoo V-22 / NRL22 rifle setup as of May 2021.

2021 Vudoo Gun Works V-22 / NRL22 Rifle Configuration

ActionVudoo Gun Works V-22$1770
BarrelBartlein 20" MTU Contour 1-16" twist, threaded muzzle.Priced with action.
TriggerTriggerTech Diamond Pro Curved$290
ChassisMasterpiece Arms BA Competition Chassis$999
Scope BaseVudoo Gun Works 60MOA baseIncluded with action.
Scope RingsSpuhr ISMS SP-6002, 38mm (1.5") tall, 36mm tube, 0 MOA one-piece mount$410
ScopeZero Compromise Optic ZC527 MPCT3 (5-27x56mm)$3760
Cerakote of Barreled ActionFlat Dark EarthIncluded with barreled action.
BipodMDT Ckye-Pod Gen 2 (Standard) with RRS SC-LR Clamp$718
Note: The prices for the items are based on time when they were actually purchased and not counting any sales or discount codes used.

As already indicated this rifle is built on a Vudoo Gun Works V-22 barreled action that I acquired direct from Vudoo Gun Works with a 20″ Bartlein barrel in the standard 1:16″ twist and the MTU contour. The barrel is threaded and the entire barreled action was finished in Flat Dark Earth Cerakote by VGW.

The barreled action has a TriggerTech Diamond Pro Curved single stage trigger and it sits in a Masterpiece Arms BA Comp chassis which is in Flat Dark Earth Cerakote (done by MPA).

The scope now on this rifle is a Zero Compromise Optic ZC527 MPCT3 (5-27x56mm) and is mounted using a Spurh ISMS SP-6002 (38mm / 1.5″ tall, 36mm tube, 0 MOA) one-piece mount on top of a Vudoo Gun Works 60 MOA base.

For front support the rifle is currently being used with a MDT Ckye-pod Gen 2 (standard height) with a Really Right Stuff SOAR SC-LR clamp.

This rifle as described is similar to how it was used in the past NRL22 2020-2021 season except for the change in scope (and scope mounts) and bipod.

Prior to May 2021 this rifle was using a Kahles K525i SKMR3 LSW in American Rifle Company M10 scope rings on top of a 40 MOA base. The bipod previously used was an Atlas CAL with a RRS SOAR BTC-Pro clamp.

Original Vudoo V-22 build configuration with Kahles K525i.

I switched to the ZC527 because I was quite attracted to the scope in terms of word of mouth on the quality and what I read on the features. The 35 MIL elevation travel would make my rifle all-purpose in terms of being able to handle NRL22 at 25 yards to 100 yards with a 25 yard zero and reach out to ~550 yards without having to hold above target.

Note that I still have the Kahles K525i SKMR3 LSW and it was moved to my American Rifle Company Mausingfield in 6mm Creedmoor.

As far as the MDT Ckye-pod, I bought it because I simply wanted to see what a $600 bipod was all about. I feel the Atlas CAL is a great bipod and the Ckye-pod is more for me to experiment / test this specific bipod.

The weight of the new setup is now approximately 15.2 lbs without a magazine or bipod and approximately 17 lbs with the MDT Ckye-pod Gen 2 with RRS SOAR SC-LR clamp. The non-bipod weight has increased approximately .6 lbs and the change in bipods from the Atlas CAL to the Ckye-pod Gen 2 with RRS SOAR SC-LR clamp resulted an increase of approximately 1.8 lbs.

The rifle still balances a little back heavy.

I still use Lapua Center-X as my primary ammo and SK Long Range Match for the colder months.

With regards to supplementary gear, not much has really changed.

I did switch from the BLAMM Enterprises Datacard System to the Cole-Tac Cheat Sheet. Note that I was technically using this in the latter half of the NRL22 2020-2021 season because the Cole-Tac Cheat Sheet data card holder was included in the NRL22 2020-2021 membership kit which arrived a little late in the 2020 year.

I do like the Cole-Tac Cheat Sheet because it is a lot simpler in design, is tool-less to install or remove, and it works.

I have a ton of bags and the following list encompasses what I have that might be used in an NRL22 match. Bold items are bags that are usually with me when I am at a match.

  • Armageddon Gear / Reasor Precision Pint-Sized Game Changer (Waxed Canvas)
  • Armageddon Gear / Reasor Precision OG Game Changer (Cordura / Nylon)
  • Custom Wedge-Style (Cordura / nylon) made by Womfat
  • Area 419 Gripchanger
  • Area 419 Railchanger (Waxed Canvas)
  • Wiebad Mini DRC Fortune Cookie (Cordura / Nylon)
  • Wiebad Pump Pillow (Cordura / Nylon)*

I mention all these bags but I do not bring all of these to a match all the time. As a match director, I tend to bring more bags so newer shooters can borrow a bag or for any shooters to try out a specific bag before they buy one.

That being said, my primary go to bag is still the Armageddon Gear / Reasor Precision Pint-Sized Game Changer in waxed canvas. I carry a custom wedge-style bag that was given to me by a Canadian shooter (Womfat on YouTube) because this specific bag and how it is constructed works really well for my primary range (where I host NRL22 matches) for rear support in prone due to the upward angle that the rimfire range has.

I carry the Wiebad Mini DRC Fortune Cookie for variety and the Area 419 Gripchanger is in my NRL22 gear case because it is small enough to not have to worry about keeping on hand all the time.

The last bag on the above list is the Wiebad Pump Pillow and I put an asterisk there because it is something I just added to my kit. The NRL/NRL22 has released the 2021-2022 rulebook and it indicates that there is no equipment restriction. This would appear that equipment will not have any size regulations. Before the 2021-2022 rules, bags usually were regulated by the words, “the size of a volleyball or smaller.” The removal of this appears to open the door for larger bags and possibly even rucksacks. Thus, I added the Wiebad Pump Pillow because the one item I feel like I would use in an NRL22 match that was not allowed previously is a body support bag.

The Wiebad Pump Pillow is a decently sized bag that can be used to fill voids between a shooting arm and a barricade or the body to add more support.

Aside from that, my kit has the usually stuff I carry to matches:

This summarizes my NRL22 rifle and gear going into the NRL22 2021-2022 season. If you want more information on the NRL22, visit the NRL22 website or checkout my YouTube channel for various NRL22 videos covering the courses of fire each month and actual NRL22 match coverage.

If you are in the Southern California area, I run the NRL22 matches at the West End Gun Club facility every month. More information at https://www.socalnrl22.org/.

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