Wear eye protection

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I wear eye protection when I shoot. Yet when I play racquetball, I shrug it off because I usually keep my racquet in front of my face when I look back to the ball. Well, earlier this evening I turned … Read More

2008 CA SR Championship photos

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Posted pictures in two different galleries. Local gallery: https://www.ocabj.net/g3/index.php/shooting/matches/2008_ca_sr_championship Zenfolio gallery: http://www.jocabphoto.com/p642543065/ Of course, the jocabphoto.com gallery has post-production print-worthy photos. Enjoy.

Zenfolio Gallery

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I have been a bit unhappy with the photo gallery on ocabj.net after I discovered Menalto Gallery’s inability to properly display Adobe RGB. I tried playing around with the export/Save-As mechanism in Adobe Photoshop CS3 to get it to save … Read More

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