Registration enabled

I enabled the registration feature in WordPress with Captcha to prevent registration spamming. I did this to give people commenting capabilities like in my previous website design. So if you want to post a comment just register with your desired … Read More

Apparently child kicked off plane for good reason

There is a story garnering national attention about a woman and child who were kicked off a plane because of the child’s unruly behavior. A flight attendant was uncomfortable with the child’s behavior and got into a discussion with the … Read More

iPhone related hilarity

Some lady in Dallas (TX) thought came up with what she thought was an ingenious plan. She went to the AT&T store in Dallas with $100k in cash with the intention of buying around $100k in iPhones to sell on … Read More

Shooter moderately entertaining

I finally got around to watching Shooter on DVD via a Blockbuster rental. I wanted to watch the movie when I saw the trailer, but not with enough desire to actually venture to the theater. Anyway, I heard mixed comments … Read More

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