Moron: One of many

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I was sitting on a redlight at the intersection of Central and Canyon Crest last Friday on the way home from the office and this guy pulls up on my passenger side. Seriously, there are more appropriate ways to transport … Read More

Movies to remake

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Andrew shot me a link to a story on how they plan on remaking the original Highlander film. My previous post about the planned Red Dawn and Robocop remakes, combined with the Highlander news got me thinking. If we can’t … Read More

New EDC Knife

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I treated myself to a new EDC knife in the form of the Benchmade / HK 14460BT Nitrous Blitz. The 14460BT uses the Benchmade Nitrous assist mechanism. The ‘Nitrous’ is Benchmade’s spring-assisted mechanism that uses torsion arms to propel the … Read More

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