To Western Digital: WTF?

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I don’t really have an aversion to any specific hard drive company. They’re all equal as far as performance and durability. But sometimes you have to wonder what a company was thinking when they came up with a design. Take … Read More

Prelude turned 20K

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20K miles at almost seven (7) years old (bought it back in July 2001, new from Honda of Riverside). Yes, 20K as in 20,000 miles. Yes, it’s the original engine.

iPhone 3G, finally

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With possibly millions of people viewing the live feed blogs off one of the many Apple-related news sites, you have no doubt already heard that Steve Jobs has announced the iPhone 3G at the Apple WWDC during his keynote. Not … Read More


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For those who don’t remember, 64 years ago, thousands of young men parachuted into France and stormed the beaches at Normandy to initiate the push to defeat Nazi Germany. It was reported yesterday that the youngest Marine to ever receive … Read More

As if we need more unsafe drivers

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Lots of people are talking about ‘hypermiling’ after seeing the CNN segment on the website (and the CNN TV channel). CNN got the bright idea to profile a man who uses drastic ‘hypermiling’ techniques to save money on gas … Read More

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