Project YANO full of crap

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Apparently, there’s a group called the Project for Youth and Non-Military Opportunities (YANO) that has a web page protesting Junior ROTC  programs in High Schools specifically because they teach the (safe and proper) use of firearms.  Project YANO’s view is … Read More

Someone rear ended my Prelude

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Well, it looks like someone popped my Prelude’s cherry this morning at approximately 0912 PST on Van Buren Blvd (North bound) about 300 yards before the 91W on-ramp (Google Map link of collision location). I was heading out to Lake … Read More

A sniper is a person, not a gun.

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I often hear conversations or read discussions online regarding so-called “sniper rifles”: scoped rifles that have the appearance of military/police style precision rifles.  Quite often, someone in a random conversation at the shooting range will refer to the gun as … Read More

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