PC-Sync Cord – Low Tech, But Reliable

When people are looking into getting their first studio strobe, they always get caught up in spending a lot of time researching remote triggers. Most see Pocket Wizards first, but then balk at the prices. PocketWizard Plus II units are … Read More

Facebook and fake profiles

Many of you know that I have friends in the modeling industry, ranging from runway and fashion to glamour and print to adult and erotic. Online social networking has become so ingrained in modern lifestyles that some my modeling friends … Read More

30D on Craigslist for $1300 = Face Palm Worthy

I was browsing Craigslist for any interesting deals on camera gear and came across this mind-boggling ad: Canon 30D – $1300 (El Centro) Date: 2010-12-16, 2:30PM PST Reply to: sale-8hwnr-2116599575@craigslist.org Canon EOS 30D like new, includes 55mm and zoom. Also … Read More

Canon 60D – Personal Thoughts

A couple of days ago Canon finally announced the EOS 60D, the successor to the 50D and the next iteration of Canon’s 10D series of cameras. There are plenty of other blog postings with opinions of the 60D, and tons … Read More

Bad Driver of the Day: 2010-02-16

About 45 minutes ago on the way home from campus, I was driving up Canyon Crest towards Alessandro. Some girl driving a Toyota Corolla or Camry passed up a string of about 6 cars by using the right-turn only lane … Read More

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