A New Era In Service Rifle – 2016 Civilian Marksmanship Program Rules Changes

Ever since the early days of the National Matches at Camp Perry over 100 years ago, Service Rifle competitions have always been using metallic or iron sights. This is because the standard issue Service Rifle to the United States military … Read More

After Action Report: Falcon Operations Group Carbine Manipulation 1.0 Course

This past Sunday, August 24 (2014), I attended the Carbine Manipulation 1.0 course taught by the Falcon Operations Group (FOG). I have taken two of their pistol courses in 2013 and after I finally built a ‘modern’ AR-15 carbine-style rifle, … Read More

Bore Sighting: Don’t Bother With Laser Bore Sighting Tools

I frequently come across someone posting on a firearms web forum who is having difficulty sighting in a rifle. Invariably, someone will respond with, “Get a laser bore sighting tool,” and every time I cringe. Why? Laser bore sighting tools are pretty … Read More

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