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Jeep Wrangler JK / JKU Washer Pump Leak Fix

I walked out into my driveway on a January morning to get some fresh air and noticed a fresh wet spot on the driveway under my 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited Rubicon. It was under the coil spring and appeared to be dripping down the frame near the coil and shock tower. A quick finger check showed it was blue and so I immediately thought windshield washer fluid.

I popped open the hood and saw there was some pooling washer fluid just behind the washer fluid reservoir near the pump.

A quick Google search yielded that a washer fluid leak is a known issue when the weather gets cold due to the washer pump grommet shrinking. Based on web research, some indicate that the Dorman aftermarket replacement part is a tighter fit and should alleviate this issue. Other reports indicate that a BMW OE washer pump grommet is a direct fit and is a better option due to the material difference from Jeep / Mopar OE and Dorman.

I decided to go with the Dorman replacement (#49459) since Amazon stocked them via Prime. After replacing it, I saw that two days later when the temperatures had dipped again to under 40F degrees in the morning, the washer fluid leaked again, and was actually worse than before (larger pool of washer fluid on the driveway).

I then ordered the BMW OEM washer pump grommet (part # 61667006063) from a retailer called Pelican Parts. Upon receipt, I see why the BMW part is better.

BMW Part Number 61-66-7-006-063-M926

Rather than being completely plastic like the Jeep / Mopar OE part and the Dorman aftermarket replacement, the BMW OE part has a rubber base. This allows it to form fit better within the washer pump for a better seal even with temperature fluctuations.

From Left to Right: BMW OE, Jeep / Mopar OE, Dorman

After swapping out for the BMW OE washer pump grommet, the washer fluid leak was fixed. So if you ever see washer fluid leaking from your Jeep Wrangler JK and it appears to be coming from the washer pump, replace the washer pump grommet with BMW OEM part number 61667006063.

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2 Responses

  1. S

    Started with Dorman part myself and agree it goers worse … but the BMW part did not fix my 2018 JKU either. And it’s August, not even January

  2. Jonathan Ocab

    You probably have an issue with the washer pump itself or the fluid reservoir. Swap those out.

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