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Range Vlog #252 – 2024-01-19 – 01-21

  • Date: 19-21 January 2024
  • Range: Gunsite Academy (Paulden, AZ)

Due to the relatively convenient scheduling where the first NRL Hunter match of the 2024 Season coincided with SHOT Show, I decided to head out to the NRL Hunter 2024 Ghost Hunter Match at the Gunsite Academy facility in Paulden (Arizona). This covers three days from January 19 through January 21, where on Day 0 (01/19) competitors checked-in, weighed-in (rifles), and chronotested ammunition for power factor purposes.

Day 1 (01/20) consisted of 12 stages and Day 2 (01/21) consisted of 6 stages for a total of 18 stages.

Spoiler: I did not shoot well and my score was near the bottom of the pack. However, I learned quite a bit for my very first NRL Hunter match and I will be making adjustments in various areas including gear management, stage cadence, and technique.

This entire vlog was shot using a GoPro 12 Hero Black and given that I shot it all myself as a one-man show, there will be some less than stellar framing and cuts between segments.

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