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S.F. cop kills self demonstrating gun retention training

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In an epic fail on any scale, a rookie San Francisco police officer shot and killed himself when attempting to demonstrate how police officers are trained to prevent their own gun from being used against them.

Apparently, the officer was having a small party at his apartment and decided to show off his ‘elite’ weapon retention training. He dropped the magazine from his pistol, but neglected to eject the chambered round. [Gun Safety Rule #3: Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use. Empty and/or remove magazines and visually verify chamber is empty.]

Then he proceeded to conduct his demonstration, pointing the pistol to his neck and pulling the trigger. [Gun Safety Rule #1: Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.]

Thus, the live round still in the chamber fired and the man killed himself by shooting himself in the neck.

While tragic, it’s poetic that this person didn’t have the opportunity to continue serving as a police officer where such blatant unsafe gun handling and lack of common sense could have caused injury or death to someone else.

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