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Taking a break from High Power

I have been pondering this for a few weeks and have finally come to the decision to take a break from High Power Rifle. I don’t want to say I’m quitting or ‘retiring’ from the sport.

My lack of participation (haven’t been shooting in any matches; haven’t been going to the range to practice) prompted me to think about my desire to compete.

After I went Distinguished last year, a lot of the competitive burden was alleviated. Though I set new goals (wanted to go High Master with the Service Rifle), the chase for Distinguished was over so the ‘drive’ or desire to compete was different. The desire to shoot and shoot well was still there, but it wasn’t the same for me.

Plus, a lot of my focus since in the past several months has been in my photography, specifically ‘professional’ glamour and portrait photography. I’ve spent quite a bit of time and money into improving my photographic skills, which has eaten into my (rifle) shooting. Not to mention I’m trying to get more serious about the photography and am trying to parlay it into a revenue stream.

The final key issue that helped me in my decision to go on a hiatus from High Power Rifle competition is that some friends of mine are starting a company outside of our day jobs. I’d rather not go into more detail regarding this, but it’s obvious that this venture will definitely take a lot of my time and money (startup).

Thus, I am officially taking a break from competitive High Power Rifle. I’m probably going to hit the range every now and then so I don’t fall out of the game too much as far as my skills, but I don’t plan on hitting matches anytime soon. Not sure how long I’m going to be away from it all, but most likely I’ll take now through 2011 off from competition.

For the inquisitive, I’m not selling my competition guns. Though I am going to put a few parts, accessories, and some components (bullets, primers, powder) up for sale on Calguns or some other forums since I’ll probably need the capital for the new company (and my photography).

But for all those out there on the Internet who hit this site or my other sites (Youtube, twitter, Facebook) or know me on the various gun forums, I’ll still answer your shooting questions like I have in the past.

To my High Power Rifle friends, this is not ‘goodbye’. It’s just a “see you when I see you.”

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    I’m just getting into HP Service rifle and am trying to budget a bulk reloading supply purchase. How often did you end up practicing live fire while you were perusing DR? I’m thinking I’d like to be able to practice live once every other week but that might not be enough to get my shooting where it needs to be.

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