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2015 Camera Strap Setup

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For several years, I had been running the BlackRapid RS-4 strap (which appears to have been discontinued for the RS-7) using the BlackRapid FastenR for the body and a FastenR-T1 with a Manfrotto RC2 plate for my Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II. I had slowly converted to using the Arca-Swiss system, which resulted in me adapting the BlackRapid to a Arca-Swiss style QR clamp for fast attach/detach of the camera from the strap.

But recently, I moved away from the BlackRapid strap and to the ECHO NiNER Dee Lux camera strap. It is a standard two point strap, with quick release clips, much like the OP/TECH straps, but utilizing the more standard 1″ quick release buckles.

Ocab-20150815-140514-600I was using the strap in a two point configuration, but then earlier this year I decided to just try running in a single point configuration using it with a BlackRapid FastenR.


Since the ends of the strap are 550 parachute cord, they fit in the BlackRapid FastenR just fine and are strong enough to handle the weight (550 paracord is supposed to be rated to hold 550 lbs).

Anyway, my current camera strap setup is the ECHO NiNER Dee Lux camera strap connected to a BlackRapid FastenR which is threaded onto a Really Right Stuff B2-FAB quick release clamp. I then clamp the RRS to my camera body which will have some Arca-Swiss plate or L-bracket.

Ocab-20150815-114051-600You can get more info on the ECHO NiNER Dee Lux strap at http://store.eniner.com/.

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