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Brownells 10/22 Takedown Rifle Project Update 2

After trying out higher velocity ammunition in the 10/22 Takedown in a recent range visit, I continued testing with additional high velocity ammunition I sourced from Target Sports USA. I specifically tested out CCI Mini-Mag, Federal Champion High Velocity, and Federal Premium Hunter Match.

I wanted to try CCI Mini-Mag because it has been a very popular high velocity ammo option for many years.

The CCI Mini-Mag has a factory specification of 1235fps and averaged 1178fps out of the 10/22 Takedown. The groups were decent at 25 yards and 50 yards, around

Federal Champion High Velocity is considered a cheaper bulk ammunition option and has a 1240fps factory specification.

The Federal Champion averaged 1244fps in the 10/22 Takedown which is quite surprising that this load ran right at factory specification. The groups were decent.

I then tried out the Federal Premium Hunter Match which looked like an interesting varmint round which is similar to the Federal Premium HV Match that I tried earlier, except for the hollow point.

Federal Premium Hunter Match has a factory specification of 1200fps and it averaged 1179fps in the 10/22 Takedown. Groups were decent, but not great.

One interesting item of note is how Federal Champion shot right at factory specification and Federal Premium Hunter Match was only 21fps slower than advertised factory specification. I am not sure why some high velocity ammunition is actually shooting closer to specification in this barrel, when other ammunition options are shooting 70-80fps slower.

I bought a brick (500 rounds) of the Federal Champion and Federal Premium Hunter Match, but only 100 rounds of CCI Mini-Mag. I am going to order more CCI Mini-Mag ammunition along with more high velocity options in future order with Target Sports USA.

More updates on the Brownells 10/22 Takedown project in the near future.

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