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SK Long Range Match Rimfire Ammunition Review
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Earlier in the year at SHOT Show 2019 I reported of the newly announced SK Ammunition Long Range Match offering. This new round was designed for the growing trend of shooters stretching out .22LR rimfire beyond 100 yards thanks... Read More

iPhone price cut theory

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It’s been several days since Jobs pissed off the thousands of early adopting iPhone owners with his $200 price slashing of the 8gb iPhone. There have been lots of questions asking why Apple would drop the price so soon. Jobs … Read More

Congratulations to JR and Joanna Belle

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A special congratulations to my long time friend JR and his new wife Joanna Belle, who became newlyweds yesterday afternoon. I send my best wishes to them for a long and happy marriage.

8 points earned, 22 more to go

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I finally received written confirmation from the Civilian Marksmanship Program that I have been awarded 8 EIC points towards my Distinguished Rifleman badge for my performance in the US Navy Pacific Fleet EIC match back in May at Camp Pendleton. … Read More

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