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Random POTD – 2015-06-15

I wanted to have a small bench vise to keep in the truck so I could work on firearms and what not. The bench vise in combination with vise blocks make a nice platform for cleaning or working on the AR-15 platform.

This photo is of a result of a weekend project to create a hitch mount for a bench vise.


There are generic mounts for trailer hitches that are level with the hitch, but I also saw the Portavise via web searches, and decided to get the materials for building a mount styled after the Portavise. Total cost of the materials was about $35.

I will post more pictures of this vise in the near future since I am in the process of writing series of posts on firearms cleaning.

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3 Responses

  1. John Murphy

    Do you have any Assembly details on this trailer hitch vise mount, mostly concerning the vise mounting plate and how it attaches to the vertical post?

  2. John Murphy

    Thank you, that help on expediting this project.
    Be safe during these trying times

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