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Range Vlog #036 – 2017-07-13

  • Date: 13 July 2017
  • Location: West End Gun Club, Meyers Canyon, CA

Long morning at the range (4+ hours). Shooting the Savage in 6.5 Creedmoor, Remington 700 in .308, and the Eliseo R5 build in 6mmBR.

6 Responses

  1. Larry

    Which labradar stand are you using

  2. ocabj

    The one you see in this video is a home made one. In my Labradar review article, I have several photos of it. https://www.ocabj.net/labradar-chronograph-review/

  3. Larry

    any recommendations for a stand? Want the labradar not to wobble. Thanks Larry

  4. Larry

    Or a tripod perhaps. Shooting off a SEB front rest so can’t have labradar too high right?

  5. ocabj

    You basically want the bore of the rifle right at the midway point on the vertical. So this is kind of a weakpoint of a tabletop mount, since you don’t have any real adjustment to elevate or lower the Labradar relative to your rifle’s bore height. You may be lucky like I am and it just sits correctly with my bipods. Otherwise, you might need to go with a tripod. If you are shooting off a bench, you can use a tripod. I will do this, particularly when running a brake, since I need to place the Labradar flush with the muzzle with the angled ports on the brake. I can pretty much place the tripod next to the bench and adjust the legs and/or center column to get the height I need. You need the side of the Labradar within 18″ of the bore, which shouldn’t be too difficult unless you have a really strange bench set up. From prone, I use my home made table top mount just fine. But you can use a tripod, but you have to get creative. If the tripod does not have a center column, you should be able to angle the legs sraight out and flat, so the Labradar is low to the ground. If the tripod has a center column, you can actually reverse the column (on most tripods), and run the Labradar upside down.

    When in doubt, just get a tripod. If you can get yourself a used Manfrotto with the reversible center column, like the 055XPROB, this should work well. The MEFOTO tripods are relatively low cost and should work. The least expensive one has a load capacity sufficient for the Labradar.

  6. Larry

    Tank you very much. Send them str8. Larry

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